The end of a adventure, the beginning of a new one…

I know it’s been a long time since the last post and I know my last post may have bring a few questions in your head.

It took time to swallow the pill and be able to post it online, but for personal reason which I do not want to spread over Internet it is the end of the project.

All the gears from our last boat, the boat under construction, the wood and lot’s of equipment are now for sale. All offer considered so for those interested please contact me via Email at:

Wish you all a nice day.



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  1. Headonz says: Reply

    Hi Stephan,
    This is the worst direction you are taking.You will only get a fraction of the true value of the materials alone and nothing for your time.There must be a better way.Sometimes it is hard to see far into the future when your circumstances will change and make possible to continue and finish this boat.Your opinion of the future will change as the world will change a lot also in a short time.I think you know what I mean.To have a home afloat that can take your family to any part of the world will be a great advantage.I also spent many years ‘out side the system’ and have always regretted allowing myself to be sucked back in.Security,happiness,contentment within society is a myth.A job ,lots of money,a morgage ,health plan and fire/accident insurance will only make you complacent and only 1/2 awake.Life without risk is not a life but just an existence.Dont give away your dream ,put it aside so you are able to build upon it again when you are ready.There is always a way.

    best of luck

  2. Ivan Ross says: Reply

    Hi Stephane – I have enjoyed your website over the years and reading about your adventures. Thanks for sharing and best of luck in your new endeavours.

    All the best.

  3. Justin Davey says: Reply

    I am genuinely disappointed that you have decided to sell off your work. It feels a bit self centered on my part to write about this disappointment, as I’m sure it was a very hard decision for you both to make. Will you be back to boatbuilding?

    You are a young and talented family.

    Thank you for your advice and encouragement


  4. Martin McManus says: Reply

    Hi Stephane, Im saddend to hear the news you bring and hope your fine yacht will find a loving new owner to finish her. Ive built 2 large yachts from scratch and know you have to sacrifice all other aspects of life to achieve your goal.
    I whish you and your familly good fortune for the future, and thanks for sharing your project with us.
    Regards, Martin McManus , Plymouth UK

  5. chris says: Reply

    Dear Stephane, to use sailing metaphors: a sailor is someone who works ‘with’ nature you cannot control it; the most important part of any route plan is the ability to change the plan as the conditions change, plan B and C are not for the weak but for the wise.
    I wish you and your family great luck for the future carry forward the kernel of the philosophy that took you on you earlier adventures; adapt and grow on that journey act from Love rather than ego and your Peacefull Journey will continue…….

  6. Richard Weston says: Reply

    I am really sorry that you have given up your dreams. I have followed you across the Atlantic and the construction of your new boat. I even gave you a little money! Be aware your dreams are not over, just changed direction!! You are the sort of person that should do very well in life. I hope that you continue with your web site and would like to hear from you in the future.

    All the very best to the three of you.

    Kind regards
    Richard Weston

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