Chapter ending, another starting….

it’s been a few months since the last post…

Time was needed to end some things in our head to be able to start other one… Time does help to heal and get over things. Joshua, the project which took 3 years of work was moved yesterday to the new owner. End of this project.

Yesterday, strangely enough in the coincidence, I’ve bought a new boat a Westsail 32 in good shape. The only lack may be the amount of wood on it, but after working so many years with wood all day I think all boat will do!

The website will slowly move toward the upgrading of this new home.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas.


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  1. Wendy Reasner says: Reply

    Hi Stephane!!! Mike & Wendy here, don’t know if you remember meeting a couple on your Appalachian hike through u.s., I think we may have given you our Bible? Anyway, been reading your years of updates….. It sounds like you have done so much, seen so much more than most people dream of in their lifetime. I’m sure right now you feel possibly landlocked, but bringing another human being will be one of the greatest challenges and most wonderful things you will ever know. Our daughter is now married with two babies…and although freedoms they used to enjoy, the sacrifices to be a mother and father are far worth it. Finding freedom in the midst of responsibility is a trick, but can very much be done. Congratulations on your new step in life and enjoy each day for the beauty you can find!!!

  2. Richard Weston says: Reply

    I wish you all the very best. It was good to hear from you after a prolonged absence Stephane. As we say in English “one door closes and another one opens”

  3. Billy Boulden says: Reply

    I wish you well on your new life path and adventures. Change is sometimes a hard catalyst to swallow at first. In the end, good things will happen. ;D

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