Not much really…

Ahhhhh Winter!
What a guy can do while his boat is covered with tons of snow….

I do not much these day’s really, I think the best move is actually doing any move at all! Just pilling up money and pay some debt so I will have more finance when the season will start…

So no I have to say, I didn’t went to the boat since about 1 month, which is at 2h drive from where I live. I’ve started to rebuild my old Taylors 030 stove which I had on my last boat and I do love. I came in contact with the company and they actually sell every parts for it which is REALLY nice! I had this stove for free, of a Cruising friend some 8 years ago in South Carolina… I would not get rid of it for lot’s of reason and too many miles done with it!

I begin to make a list of what will need to be done on the boat, to have the priority straight… Boomkin & bowsprit the first as need to be rebuild, and then will be removal of the wheel… Meanwhile the top #1 is get battery! The boat battery are dead!

Any suggestions of Price/quality in the area or others?


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