Co26 Chapter 1

Ok David from asked me to write my adventures with the Contessa…joshua
There is so much to say, that I’ve decided to write it in Chapters.

My Co26 Adventures…

Charter 1

That was a while back! the sea just throw me out of it after losing my last boat. Coalision with 2 whales, follow by Force 10 a hour after… so I am looking on the market for a small affortable boat. Full keeled was the most important for me, the last boat was a trimaran without engine and was terrible upwind…Actually if the Wind was coming from the South, you were able to go West or East… Nothing with a bit of south into it. As it drift sideway by the wind, and doesn’t have a grip under the water (Keel). I wanted the opposite, as I remember sometime arriving to see the Anchorage where you wanted to go, but couldn’t and to do another 2 days out for another anchorage. You were not able to go where you wanted, the wind was giving you the path. Where ever the wind take’s you (Believe me, it’s a nightmare).

So I’ve meet a nice Fellow, Daniel Herman which I say hello if he read this. Daniel is the father of several sons and one had a bad story with the boat. Let’s just say, the boat end up on the beach and in need of a crane to get it out. I’ve actually meet this son only once, even if a year was spent there. I think it was quite a life experience for them in the wrong way. At the time I didn’t have a home much and as I was living on a “lost” boat Dan offered me his house and tools in the deal, how could I refuse… Such a nice guy! Fixing the boat slowly with some nice coffee and talk. He became a friend, and I think often of him. Wise men with a open mind, I have good memories.

More money was needed so I went back to Canada, working like crazy to pay for this little piece of dream… My treasure. I don’t remember doing really something else as for me, living on a boat is a devotion: the boat is now you only goal… All money go into it AND it doesn’t look to you as a chore.

While working in this warehouse, I’ve went a bit discusted about the civilisation. It was interesting as I’ve started as lowest job in the warehouse,and then responsible of the entire network systems (+200 computers, working around Canada, with all data going to my servers)…It is my actual profession in case you just wonder. So I went from the low guy, to a Director rank. I’ve seen champagne and top beers offered to the top, while in the same time lowest possible beers in the warehouse. Or giving headlamps for them to keep working in the dark, while in the office there where partying on power shortage…They just didn’t realize that without them, the company won’t run either and are also important.

It was not really a nice experience until I make a few friends. That’s when I’ve meet a fellow named Simon. There is certain point in your life when you have to stop everything and rethink of what you want. Where you are. That’s where he was at this time. I’ve left with him on that Contessa so we could split the fees and enjoy the experience. Leaving with him was quite Interesting on this tinny boat while avoiding the winter coming up NY. The condition was a bit limit sometime, but he managed it really well.. and always good to say a joke even when everything goes to s***.

After we have done all the work on the boat before leaving, I will always remember Simon with his guitar and lot’s of rum. A nice girl siting on the side of him, looking her into the eyes and saying: Do you know this “song”, I can play it for you. Just when she say yes, he played a totally different song! Ahhhhh Dark rum and cigars… The nice twenties was not enough to don’t have a hangover the next morning. It was a fun launching of the boat, after so much hard work.


It was the first time that I lived so close of a friend for so long, it’s like living with someone in a closet into that Contessa… It was a difference to have someone that can do the same things then me (I was use to travel with girls) it was great time.

Sadly Simon left in GeorgeTown, South Carolina, USA.

I’ve always had crush on women… It’s my weakness we can say… And just before leaving for this journey I’ve meet one. It was planed with her (and Simon was aware too) that she would come with me after a certain amount of time. Sometime some situation make frictions between the closest friend, and we’ve put that on Finance for him to go, but I have to say I would have keep him instead of the girl if I knew what’s followed. I regret that this put a cold between him and me since… I wish him well.

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