Co26 Chapter 4

Route Chapter 5

Now from a Coast guard patrol, I had a chart and needed a Area where I could fix my computer and look for damage on the boat.

The tide was switching so it was time to go, the wind was light but with the full sails up I was slowly progressing. I had to go in a really narrow channel where the wind completely die and the current took me.

A few motor boats was waiting to pass in the channel and I was blocking the way. One called me :“Hey where are you going, we need to go through”, and I guess my answer left them in haze as they didn’t answer back : “I do not know, I may hit and tied to that pile getting closer or heading in that small anchorage stay tune!”.

When I was at less then 2 foots from the pile the wind pickup just enough so I can sail and reach the destination. A protected anchorage, dingy dock and all facilities needed to get everything in order.

It was the first time I’ve seen a Westsail 32 (My actual boat), they were in the anchorage replacing their engine and as soon my hook was dropped they invited me for dinner.

He was a retired science teacher with his wife, living aboard and relaxing. In my voyage I’ve seen lot’s of strange people, many of them was having some addictions but when talking with them you could always figure out why they end up on that path.

Let’s name him Paul, I never understood him and was one of the 2 character that changed my way of seeing life.

He told me once that he did what society was asked from him: Jobs, marriage, kids, house. Now he was doing what he wanted being retired with free time, a new wife a beautiful paid boat and a nice steady income from retirement. You will told me well what is wrong with all that, well I will answer EXACTLY.

Paul was a drunk (And I do not mean lightly) from morning to night. I’ve even meet him at 7am a few times and he was barely able to hold a conversation. For the 3 months I have been there, I’ve never seen him sober or able to talk a few minutes.

His wife was not as addicted and I could share with her of what was happening and tell a few stories. Sadly he was always there too and repeating himself constantly or making argumentation thinking I wanted to steal his wife.

She told me one day that she wake up a morning with blood all over the boat. He tried to fill the water jug at night, fell over the dingy and cut his foot really badly on the oyster. Jumped back in and went to sleep like nothing happen. They divorced a few months later, and his body was found not far later floating in the marina….

I never understood why somebody that had everything, love, finance, times. educations and a boat could ruin his life over a bottle.

The parts for my computer arrived, and one day later I’ve found work per Internet. After a few weeks everything was in order onboard and I’ve left heading back north offshore to reach New Jersey.

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  1. Richard Weston says: Reply

    I guess we have all met a few of these characters Stephane. I remember one: the brother of a girl friend. He had everything; looks, youth and plenty of money. Yet a few years later he lost all his money; his girlfriend and his youth. He was found literally in the gutter: dead from alcohol poisoning. Such is life!!
    I look forward very much to your news letters – keep them coming

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