Co26 Chapter 5

offshoreIt is always a magical moment when you raise the anchor for a departure. Your legs are light, your heart happy with the unknown left to discover. I’ve found over time that there is 2 kind of persons, those that need to know exactly what will happen and those that don’t. For me it’s a new chapter opening in my life everytime I go, left to be written with what will happen.

That morning was beautiful, the boat was in order and filled with treats ready to go on this beautiful day. The sails were perfectly set pulling me slowly toward my new direction.

Nobody ever really understand the pleasure of having no engine, but it is simple: It force you to slow down. Most of the people would start the engine while not going hull speed but without one you have to follow nature rythm. People often talk about storms, crazy winds and scared of this when heading offshore for their first time. But the main issue is actually the opposite, drifting for days or weeks is what happen the most often.

Soon after passing the Cap Hatteras, the wind slow down and I’ve started this rythm. So here I was going throught my new collections of books at a average of a knot, Probably the current. The sunset were marvelous on calm everning, without talking of the stars at night. With a night without moon, and a mirror like sea it’s a experience to have once in your life. The stars are in the air, but reflecting on the water: you are surrounded by them, you are with them. You couldn’t tell where the sky stop and the water begin, you are floating among this universe. It’s a magical experience where believer or not you realise that you are part of something much greater then yourself.

To be honest, I went back north for a simple reason… A woman. While left by myself down south I had time to think and realise that I did love the women which who I was on the Trimaran Adventure(Last boat). She was up north and I’ve sailed this direction to meet her and have a talk, as it’s been at least 18 months since we last meet and lot’s happen since.

It took me about 8 days slowly drifting and reading my books to reach New Jersey, and this time thinking just left more questions in my mind. I’ve settle down a bit when arrived and got back in contact with the women I went back for. We talked a bit and we finally meet: she was over it and settle down with another man which she loved. I didn’t really know what to do, and started to drift in my thought. Wondering what to do with my life or what should I do at the moment. By this time it’s been over 5 years  that I am living without a settle life. Living with a backpack then 3 differents boats always pushing without really knowing what I really want or where I am going. It’s crazy the amount of questions this quick meeting with her made me wonder about my life.

Some wise men always give the advice that to clear your mind you have to go take a walk. And it’s what I needed to do, go on a walkabout. I’ve started to prepare the boat to leave it in this area, gather the money I had and bought some equipments. Trying my new gears around with a mind set, I was heading for the Apachalachain trail. A hiking trail in the middle of the montains where you can walk for months. Winter was coming and I knew it won’t be easy and cold but I needed that. So I left.

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    It’s always good to hear your opinions of life. Keep at it Stephane
    Richard UK

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