Back to work!

Winter is over, Yayyy!
Drived to the boat today and started removing the tarps and air it out.

It was really nice to be there, see some friends and get back that feeling that only happen in a sailboat.2014-05-11I’ve started destroying a good part inside, making space to install the new wood stove.
It took me some time to figure out where I will put it, but after some trial error I decided to sacrifice a part of my tools area for it.
Structure is done, with a place for wood storage to burn (On the back of it)… Tiles are next step with stainless sheet to protect from the heat and some wood trim.


Which bring a second topic…. Time to move on the west coast!
The boat will have his final preparation to sail toward the West Coast (Have you guessed?… Yes toward California!).

Adventure ahead!

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  1. Jerry Baljeu says: Reply

    Good to hear your plans are coming together. We have sold Gitana del Mar and will be boatless from now on, after 40 years. Where is your boat currently? We will be traveling to Nova Scotia, PEI, the Madelienes and the Gaspe areas during July and would love to hook up with you if we are anywhere neear you.
    Jerry Baljeu.

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