Co26 Chapter 6

194My friend Dan is the one that gived me a ride to the path of the trail. We said goodbye and I’ve started my long walk. I didn’t do it for very long the first day, just like sailing I usually anchor not far from the start to get in the “mood” before really get going.

I’ve lay my tent, started to read and fall asleep. Here my new routine waking up with the sun started (And never left me since), Opening the tent door I was face to face with a Big deer, surprise as much as me he went running away.

The long progression of one step at the time started, one foot at the time it is impressive to see the distance you can do. Following the trail marks, hearing the nature, finding your own rhythm. No outside influence, cut from the outside world.

It is you, the nature, the path and your mind. I strongly believe that everybody should be taken out of their routine, and throw alone without mean of communication for a long period of time. It is a eye opener and let you rethink your life without outside influence.

When you are around people for too long, they expect you to behave a certain way. As they took for granted that you are like this, if you try to change and evolve they will drag you back saying you are not like that.

I was now seeing beauty, hearing the music inside the silence taking time to see inside small things. Forcing myself to “Slow down”.

Backpacking on long run everything is ackward, you start with finding your gear really heavy with your feet hurting, then after a while it’s when that you take it off that it feel like walking on the moon.

I did started the really hard way, I’ve bought my shoes right before leaving without time to “Break” then. I’ve had a really bad blister starting and decided to put a big band aid on it. After some walking the band aid was always moving around, so I took what I had and duck taped this band aid to my foot.

I’ve walked all the morning like that, and in early afternoon I’ve removed my shoes to look it up. The whole skins where the duck tape was glued to lift up because of the “Humidity in the shoes”. It was impossible to remove this anymore… There was only one way…

With the knife in my hand, I’ve cut all the skins touching the duck tape to be able to remove it. And yes I did put lot’s of tape to be sure this band aid was not moving. I’ve had to cut a lot, all around my foot on 2 inches wide (Duck tape width). It was not pretty.

I was at 5 days of the closest town, I’ve had to keep going as not enough food for lot longer. The hardest was the first hour, once this past my foot went numb and I was alright for the rest of the day. I was cleaning my foot the best I could while I was running into rivers for water. The next days was all spent around my foot, as I didn’t want any infections starting in it which will be really bad… So I took care of myself….

Until I’ve reached the town…

Talk about a start…

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