Power it, baby!

we always want more of it. In any kind of form, style or age. I wanted more power for my Lego when I was young, more power for my old Nissan beat up car when I was teenager, more hair growing power right now, and hopefully not : sex power when older!

Fixing the dingy, with the skill saw at anchorage
Fixing the dingy, with the skill saw at anchorage

It is what it is, we want more. In a house, we can connect whatever we want and get the power we want. On a boat, as amongst other things, we have to manage our power. It goes fast and we can’t get crazy about it. Just cold beer for 20min a day can cost you 23h40min of compromise down the road. But hey some things are worth it, other doesn’t (Do a woman really need an air dryer?).

There is 4 deep cycle battery 6V, and 1 cranking battery for the engine. This is quite a huge bank for me as I am use to 1 single battery on the Contessa 26 for everything while living on it! With the fridge, computer, lights and musics I am just even on it. Sun is needed or after 2 or 3 days of clouds I’m losing my mojo! (I use a 75W solar panel that I can move around the boat (Not mounted) to have full power all day long.)

Ok I’ve got lost in all this power thing, I was going to talk about one single thing: The Inverter. I have a Xantrex Freedom Marine 30/3000 Watts Inverter, it’s a great piece of equipment and I love it! Yes you may say : “Hey that’s a few thousand dollars, I won’t spend this amount of money on this”, and you know what? I totally agree. I got mine for free, dumpster diving. Why it was in the dumpster? A 5 cents fuse inside of it was broken, the guy throw it away. Easy fix, and I can now brag about owning one! Which open the subject of “Dumpster diving” but I will set this for another post.

Freedom Marine 30
Freedom Marine 30

Now I may got you curious and wondering what is so great about this piece of expensive technology? For a blender, mixer, TV or random girl needs? Nop, simple : Tools!!!! For the first time after cruising in so many years, I can use my Skill saw, grinder, drill and all kind of tools I want. When I really need power I crank that diesel up and start working.

Last time I was offshore a Stainless piece give up, usually I would curse the gods, drink some rum, get out the WD40 or Duct tape and figure out a way. This time, I got out my drill, the grinder and made a brand new piece at sea, permanent fix!

Sure it is luxury, and I wouldn’t spend that amount of money to get one, but I sure would keep my eyes open for a deal somewhere after having tasted it! So next time you pass by a dumpster in a Marina, keep your eyes open!

As a side note, Claudine, a woman(From Downtown MontrĂ©al) I’ve met some times ago decided that I was tolerable enough to come join me on the adventure. She will be moving in the 1 april (Nice april fool there), and you should see post of her appearing soon. A warm welcome from you guy’s will be appreciated. ;).


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