About us


Stéphane is the owner and the author of this website since 2004, his first departure with his first boat, a lancer 28 (although, all the archives from his journal from 2004 from now it still on this website). Since, he owned five boats, including a wooden boat he built himself. He traveled many times the east coast of the States, to the Caribbeans, he crossed the Atlantic ocean twice (including once against the current). Beside the sea trips, he has ventured the Appalaches Trail. He now works full time on coding contracts on Internet. He is passionate about boats and focus on the necessary works on his current boat, Merlou, a Westsail 32. Intellectual and logical, he likes to understand the essence of things and their functioning.


Stéphane being really busy with his contracts, I took the initiative to revive a little his website. I have never set foot on a sailing boat before meeting Stéphane, in summer 2015. I love traveling and went few times backpack visiting different countries of Europe. Bachelor in social work, I quited my jobs and my appartment in Montréal to try another kind of lifestyle. Romantic and dreamy, I am Stephane’s opposite.

We both like discoveries and nice get together, nature, cooking good meals and savour them, whiskey and Guinness beer, of course!

About Peacefuljourney…

It started with a website, many years ago, so Stephane can give news while his journey to his family and friends. Over the years, it became bigger and gives the opportunity to Stephane to exchange with other sailors. It focus before on cruising and on woodenboat construction. It is now our lifestyle, mix with a good dose of sens of humour. Welcome to our peacefuljourney!