Westsail 32

Merlou – A Westsail 32

After 4 boats I think I’ve finally found the one that suit my style of cruising.

Big enough to carry all my tools and my life, small enough to be single handed and good capability offshore. They are heavy and robustly build, but after so many times having issue with boat breaking up on me that’s what I was aiming for. I am now working on this new project to make it the way I want after so many years on boats, it is nice to work while I have experience and know exactly what I want.


LOA: 40′ (including bowsprit and boomkin)
LOD: 32′ 0″
LWL: 27′ 6″
Beam: 11′ 0″
Draft: 5′ 0″
Displacement: 19,500 lbs.
Ballast: 7,000 lbs.
Sail Area: 629 sq. ft.



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