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  1. Alain Rioux says: Reply

    Bonsoir Claudine,

    J’espère que vous allez bien. Juste un petit mot sur mon ami André de Deux-Montagnes, il vous accompagne maintenant dans votre beau voyage. Merci pour l’info.

    Bonne route,


  2. Lise Lachapelle says: Reply

    Bonjour M. Stéphane,
    Mon beau-fils Pierre Blouin m’a fait découvrir les photos du nouveau MERLOU et son nouveau propriétaire. Ç’a éveillé en moi de magnifiques souvenirs car votre Merlou, westsail 32 a été construit par ma cher mari Gérard Blouin que je viens de perdre il y a à peine un mois. Il a acheté une coque nue en 1979 pour en faire un véritable bateau avec lequel nous avons navigué de 1989 à 1995. Il a écrit un livre à compte d’auteur qui s’intitule “Un beau grand tour de voilier avec Merlou”. Vous pouvez en lire des extraits sur Internet ( http://manuscritdepot.com/a.gerard-blouin.1.html ) . Au plaisir de correspondre avec vous. Lise Lachapelle

  3. james says: Reply

    I’m still disheartening about your gartside build.
    I’m still working on getting mine going. I been building mould frames and making cleats , skylight, anything to keep moving forward while I wait for money and supplies.
    I’m kinda going backwards but at least I’m getting something done.


    1. Stéphane says: Reply

      Thanks James,
      I too miss the Gartside at some occasions. But as I am leaving for cruising in about 2 months, it’s hard to complain too much…

      Happy to hear yours is still going forward, I wish you the best and the achievement see the end. Not a lot of people can understand how building a boat is such a devotion.

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  5. james griffith says: Reply

    i just came across your website. i just bought the plans for the 29′ gartside cutter and just now purchasing the timbers. i will follow your progress.


    1. Stephan Tremblay says: Reply

      Hi James,
      glad to see another Gartside boat that will be around!
      I didn’t see the 29ft on Paul website, you talk about this one on woodenboat?:

      Have great fun, you can contact me by email if you want, not much carvel planked boat being build these days!

      1. james griffith says: Reply

        yes that is the 29′ cutter i have plans to. have you ever read Larry Pardey’s book on building their new boat Talisin? he is a very good craftsman boat builder, many good ideas they have on their boat, i will be building mine much the same way, as they say “keep it simple and go now” i have the same problem you have about finding the lead for the keel, at least finding it cheap may not be so easy. my boat will have 6350 pounds of lead ballast.
        you guys might like the interior layout of the Pardey’s boat, they have gravity feed water, oil lamps, simple navigation and no engine. i am looking forward to building my boat much the same way, it will get me underway faster and less maintanance on extra “stuff”.
        good luck on the planking……james

  6. Doug Daverne says: Reply

    Really great progress and photos. Would love to be building a boat like this.

    Have you been keeping track of hours and material costs?

    1. Stephan Tremblay says: Reply

      Thanks Doug,
      We were at the start and stopped after a while just too much depressing.

      Building a boat is not about saving money at all, as there is a lot of good cheap boat for ridiculous price right now. It more about something you wanted to do once in your life.

      It also depend a lot of the material use, as we saved the gear from the last boat, we buy high quality for the hull of this one, so the fee won’t be the same at all either. But just for the hull/deck/basic rig, it’s easily over 35$k.

      Except if you can saw and dry your own timber before starting….

  7. Matt says: Reply

    I would have purchased your Contessa 26 if I had known that you were going to destroy it. Viewing the photos of its demolition has been a sad experience for me.

    1. Stephan Tremblay says: Reply

      We would have sell it if we could. But nobody wanted a bare hull, with delaminated deck, no gears and broken mast. We even try to give it away with no success, all the gears are going into the new boat.

      We also wanted the lead as it was suppose to be, but it end up being Cast Iron.

  8. stephane says: Reply

    Thanks Henrik,
    Yes the Bristol Channel cutter and this design are both inspired by the same English vessel! (And yes the price IS a nightmare!)

    Yes Rune that build this one is Norwegian. The design is actually a bit different, he build his strip planked instead of Carvel, and the beam is 9 inches more on the carvel version (Mine) but that’s about it. We exchanged pictures and tricks about the building of the boat, as, he is the only one yet having completed the construction.


  9. Henrik says: Reply

    It’s a beautiful boat. It reminds me a bit about the Bristol Channel Cutter 28 (which is my dreamboat, although the price is a nightmare).
    I can see these guys are Norwegians, by the way. Have you been in contact with them?

    Allt the best,

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